1. At what stage of pregnancy should we do the Maternity Shoot?

This is different for each and every client. The point of the maternity shoot is to bring emphasis on ‘the bump’, so the bigger the better! That being said, you should do the maternity shoot when you are still feeling comfortable in your skin. Most shoots are done at around 32 – 34 weeks, but we can do it as early or as late as you like!

2. What age should the baby be for the Newborn Shoot?

There are two options here.
1 – In the first 5- 10 days, to capture the newness, and all of your baby’s precious little features. The perfect, ears, toes and fingers in all their glory, which baby is still nice and sleepy and easy to maneuver into all those cute little positions.
2 – At 6- 8 weeks (or even later), when your little darling has learned to smile! They will have developed a little character by now, and still be little enough to be new! They’re still pretty sleepy at this point, but there will be moments of open and closed eyes.

The choice is yours!

3. How do we choose a location?

Maternity- It’s important to find a location that suits you as a couple, depending on what you enjoy doing together, and where you spend a lot of time together. Whether it be at the beach, having picnics in the park, or at home with your pets by the pool! Try to think outside the box ☺

Newborn- These shoots are best done at your home. That way you have everything you need at your fingertips, and the baby is relaxed in it’s environment. I also get to snap away at the beautiful nursery you’ve created, and capture you in your own, natural space in a documentary style, rather than being too posed.

4. What props should we bring along, if any?

For maternity shoots, I always suggest you bring 2 or 3 little outfits that you cannot wait to dress your little bundle in. Also some little shoes/ booties, and any unique little items that you’ve already invested in- like a baby skateboard ☺ Bring some toys/ books/ anything that you may have in your nursery that you really love, and if you don’t know if it’s pink or blue, bring both! You can print which ever is relevant!

For newborn shoots, everything will be at our fingertips at your home, and there’s no need to worry about that!

5. What time of day is best for the shoot, and how long is it?

For Maternity Shoots, the shoot will either be early in the morning, or late afternoon. Times will depend on the season.

For Newborn Shoots, it will depend on your feeding times, sleeping times, and all that jazz. This is why I say 5-10 days after your little one is born, as by then you would’ve worked out a bit of a routine, and will be able to tell me what time will work best for YOU.

Both shoots are 1 hour long.

6. What happens if it rains?

Maternity Only- We postpone to the next available date for both parties. Plain and simple. We’ll make a call the day before or the day of the shoot, depending on the weather man, and the heavens!

7. What are your rates and what’s included?

Please contact me – to find out more about my rates and packages.